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Measurement (Separation – control – price)

Before the process of carpet cleaning depending on the prior separation of the species (depending on the type of carpet cleaning procedures are different, so that the distinction must be made according to the type), control the carpet (to clean carpets and stains before taking the State of pollution, torn, or the outbreak of lack of control. If you have stains on the carpet if you are notified to the customer for damages such as the torn carpet cleaning process is approved), the place is the process of measuring and pricing. Pricing is based on square metres of carpet cleaning company. Companies pay the cost of operating a square to indicate. The reason for this is due to the actions implemented in different types of carpet.


The process of some parts of dust and hairs on the dry carpet scanning battery (decision x) is called. This process, as did machinery hand in the stack can also be done automatically. This process is tightly controlled by light tasks are overlooked when cleaning. Control Panel is located in a stain on the task using a special colouring is intervention. All operations are complete (in 24 hours), is placed in vans to be delivered to the owners of carpet. The owners will be delivered, will be charged. Some companies may pay by card credit through the door.

Carpet cleaning

The cleaning process consists of several steps which vary according to the types of carpet. The first phase is the process of infiltration of dust. Fridge or process talcum powder powder is made with a machine called a camera. Precision mat exceed these steps. Then the carpet is the scene of the mooring. Home, carpet, put in a pool filled with water in the bath for a while. In this way, carpets Softening of chemicals (detergents, shampoo carpets, bleach, etc.) works well because of the carpet cleaning process is intended to facilitate and to save.

Take command of the order

Recipient of the order

Our business is to register by telephone or internet with the manufacture of carpet at the door and rolls will be determined at the date that you specify. How many and what type of carpet you received in Exchange a document (receipt of the order, receipt of the order, etc.) is given. Measures (Separation – control first – price). Many people who carpet cleaning carpet and the stages of mixing of the given distinction to a number Subscriber code or bar, each being attached to a carpet. (collage, stapling,…)

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